Workers Compensation Benefits

The Law Offices of Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail have extensive experience handling workers compensation benefits in Massachusetts. We also have specific experience handling claims from workers in the medical industry.

You are entitled to workers compensation benefits for injuries that occur on your job, whether your employer was at fault for the injury or not.

As an injured worker you may be entitled to:

  • Temporary total disability while you can not work at all
  • Payment of your medical bills
  • Permanent partial disability

Fighting for your rights

Because of the complexity of the worker's compensation statute, consultation with a lawyer is highly recommended. It is important to know that an attorney's fee is strictly regulated by the statute and that under no circumstances is an attorney allowed to charge a client directly for his or her services in a worker's compensation case. An office consultation to discuss your case is free. You will be advised of your rights under the worker's compensation law by experienced attorneys who have the necessary expertise to represent you at the Industrial Accident Board.

The number of attorneys with this expertise is limited and a client can often times call the Industrial Accident Board to ascertain if an attorney is experienced handling compensation cases.

When you are denied benefits that you believe you should receive, let the attorneys at Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Reach out to our injury lawyer in Worcester at The Law Offices of Donahue, Rauscher & McGrail, PC at 508-757-7737 or contact us online today. We can answer your questions regarding workers compensation benefits.

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